Lakeshore Camera Club
Founded in Pointe-Claire 1957



Awards are given during the last meeting of the club year, usually in June, and covers all the competitions of the year.

In each special interest group, the entries with the highest scores receive the following awards:

The judges will break any ties for the first three places, by consensus if possible, or by majority if necessary.
Honourable mentions (forth places) may be declared in a competition at the discretion of the group chair; tie breaking by judges is not used in this case. Each honourable mention receives a certificate.


Historically, several trophies were awarded every year. Each trophy was awarded to the person with the highest total score of all the images submitted to a given category (categories evolved through time, sometimes cumulating more than one competitions). The following structure represents the trophies as they were awarded until June 2011.

Category Trophy Name Given
Monochrome prints J. W. Clark Monochrome Print Trophy Fall & Spring
Colour prints Eric Carnell Colour Print Trophy Fall & Spring
Black & white or colour theme prints Zoltan Kallai Print Themes Trophy Fall & Spring
Pictorial images Harry Burbidge Photographer of the Year Trophy Fall & Spring
Pictorial Theme Images Zoltan Kallai Pictorial Themes Trophy Fall & Spring
Pictorial images submitted by a new member Nettie Clark New Member Trophy Fall & Spring
Nature Images Nature Digital Division Trophy Fall & Spring
Muriel Cliff Wildflowers Muriel Cliff Wildflowers Trophy Spring

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